Vegan Danish rice pudding “Risengrød”

Vegan Danish rice pudding “Risengrød”

There is no excuse not to have this amazing vegan Danish rice pudding “Risengrød” even though Christmas has just passed or you are in the middle of summer. Any time of the year, this pudding will bring you joy and “hygge”. 🤶🏼🎅🏼🎄

Danish rice pudding “risengrød”

This traditional christmassy Danish rice pudding called "risengrød" is fantastic for cold evenings where you want to enjoy the Danish "hygge" phenomenon. Leftovers are great for brekky or as rice cakes or even the Danish Christmas dessert "Risalamande".
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Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time1 hour
Course: Brekky, Dinner
Servings: 4 people
Author: Luna Linnemann



  • 500 g rice (short grained white)
  • 1 l almond milk
  • 0.5 l oat milk (GF if necessary, or rice milk)
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 4 dcl water
  • 75 ml oat cream (optional, GF if necessary, or another kind of cream)
  • 1 tsp himalayan salt


  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • vegan butter


Rice pudding

  • Turn the oven to 150°C.
    Alternatively it can be cooked in the pot but it takes less effort to use the oven and minimises the chances of the rice pudding burning/sticking to the bottom of the pot.
  • Rinse your rice before adding them to a pot with with the water. Cook and stir until the water is soaked by the rice (about 5 min).
  • Add the oat and coconut milk to the pot. Stir until it boils, making sure it doesn't burn/stick to the bottom of the pot.
  • Put a lid on the pot and set in the oven for about 45 min. You might want to have a tray under it in case it spills over.
  • Take the pudding out of the oven, give it a stir and add the salt. If the texture isn't creamy enough you can add some oat cream.
    Serve in a bowl.


  • Mix the sugar and cinnamon powder.
  • Add about a teaspoon of butter in the middle of the porridge, letting it melt and sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top of the pudding.

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