All action begins in rest

– Lao Tzu, founder of the Chinese philosophy Taoism

☾ What is yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a very meditative form of yoga, where you will be in each pose for a longer period of time, while focusing on your breath and using your breath as an anchor for thoughts that may wander. During this time gravity allows us deeper into each pose and this is why we are careful not to cross our edge when entering a pose.

The main physical part that we are working with in yin yoga, is the fascia, also known as our connective tissue. By staying in poses for a longer period of time, whilst being still, we are able to stress our connective tissue and allow it to expand and return to its original form. Because we want to avoid the tissue from going back into its contracted form, we move slowly between the postures. This will also allow ourselves to notice the sensations in the body, feeling the effects of the pose.

The way I love to teach a yin class is without any rules and boxes that everyone needs to abide by or fit in. Yin is all about how we feel, and not how we look. This is also one of the main reasons I adore yin so much; it allows us to dive into our body and be present, both in regard to our mental as well as physical self. Through this practice we learn to listen to the needs of our body and mind. We learn to respect boundaries and at the same time enrol in an adventure into the unknown and welcome all the sensations and feelings which may arise. By accepting them we learn how to work with ourselves, instead of against ourselves, and hereby also learning about how emotions store in our physical body. We gain the mindset to mentally and physically work with and let go of what no longer serves us.

Overall, this calm form of yoga is one of the best ways besides meditation to learn how to become one with yourself. How to be present in your life and accept the things that are and the things that are not, but yet finding the answers to change what needs to be changed.

This is why I think Lao Tzu’s quote paints an excellent picture of the yin practice: in the time of our stillness that is when all the magic happens.

☽ What are the benefits of yin yoga?

Yin yoga has many benefits. In yin yoga we are able to calm our mind and body and hereby listen to our true needs. Yin yoga is an excellent way to go from a fight & flight mode to rest & digest mode. In other words, we are able to calm our nervous system, which is very important in today’s stressed society, where many people unfortunately also suffer from great hormonal imbalances. All of which can restore its natural balance by integrating yin yoga with a balanced plant based diet and daily exercise.


  • reduce stress, anxiety & depression
  • reduce mind-wandering by calming the mind
  • raise your mood
  • your rest & digest mode
  • relax your body
  • increase a postive mindset
  • let go of stagnated energy
  • increase your bodily range of motion
  • nurture your inner self
  • loosing up tensions in the body
  • loving yourself as you are
  • being present
  • restore hormonal balance
  • strengthen our core by learning to breathe properly again

♡ How do I teach?

PLACE: I am currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, and I therefore only conduct any physical teaching around this area.

ONLINE: I am more than happy to teach you personally or with a group of friends online.

COMPANIES: If you are a company looking for a regular yoga class or workshop for your employees, feel free to get in touch. I have plenty of experience in how to make demanding and stressfull environments a place to thrive without sacrificing ones personal health.

LANGUAGE: I am able to teach in Danish, English and German.

You can contact me via my e-mail here for further information.