Shakti Yoga

Attention to our intuition is like giving a voice to our soul.


☾ What is Shakti Yoga?

Shakti Yoga is a style of yoga, which nourishes women and all aspects of the female body – physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a yoga style, where slow and subtle movement sets the foundation for a sensory yoga style. It is rooted in the cyclical, allowing for both the yin and yang energy – and all in between – to be nourished. It’s a somatic focused style of yoga, where the deep cyclical power and wisdom is awakened. It will allow you to live in tune with your cycle and the cycle of nature and life – a life in balance. I truly hope you feel intrigued to take a step further into this journey and explore your own power.

☽ What are the benefits of Shakti Yoga?

❤︎ No period pain
❤︎ Increased fertility
❤︎ Less or no menopausal imbalances
❤︎ Increased love for yourself
❤︎ Calmed nervous system
❤︎ Balance in the hormonal system
❤︎ Less anger and irritability
❤︎ Deeper sense of connection to yourself and the world
❤︎ Connection to your creative force within
❤︎ A blissful life

☾ Where can I practice Shakti Yoga?

Look no further, you can practice with me! I teach one to one classes and host workshops and shakti circles around the area of Geneva, Denmark. Feel free to message me for more info or keep and eye out here and on my Instagram for upcoming events.

Lots of Love, Luna