Plant Based Travel Eating Guides

Welcome to Plant Based Travel Eating Guides. My partner and I love to travel and when we do, we really love exploring culture by eating out. This was definitely more challenging after going plant based, and we really missed some guides to different places. Now you can just google your way through it, but maps and other eating apps tends to show an uoverskuelig amount of places, most of which just had crossed of the “vegan options” to get more hits. We therefore decided to create a few guides to where we would recommend trying if you were in that same place. Not only have we done this, we have also built a rating system, so that you could get a better idea of how well we actually liked the place. Feel free to leave your ratings in the comments below and let us know why you loved or perhaps wasn’t as much a fan of the place as we were. It’s alway great to get some other opinions on board. We really hope you like it. Ps. We have also created guides on Instagram as well as more extended lists of each city on google maps,. That way you can easily get an overview of the location of the places. We find this works particularly well for when you are starving and just need to find the nearest place fast. Hope you’ll enjoy this feature as much as we have don eso far. Links for the Google Maps lists are in each guide.

Bon Appetit, Niclas & Luna

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our all time favourite and hometown, Copenhagen. If you haven’t been already it is definitely worth a visit. With everything from small bakeries to green Michelin star restaurant it’s a must try! COMING SOON

Geneve & Lac Léman area, Switzerland


Hamburg, Germany

A vibrant, yet more relaxed than Berlin, and with the largest amounts of trees and waterways in Europe this is a fantastic place to enjoy some of Europe’s greatest PB eating places. Lots of which focuses on sustainable produce sourcing and local. IN THE MAKING

Milan to the Ligurian Coast, Italy

Azure blue water and mountains in the back – Do we need say more? Italy is famous for its cheese and meat, but we have founds some great places from Milan and down along the Ligurian Coast. COMING SOON

Oslo, Norway

Fresh, crispy area and beautiful sunlight in the fjords. Oslo is an amazing city, with rich opportunities for trying the PB kitchen as well. Prices are a bit in the high end, but worth every Penny. COMING SOON

Zürich, Switzerland



All our city specific guides gives you great recommendations for places to eat. But we also found that some general trips were in its places. For what about all the places (we have visited) with limited or no obvious options? IN PROCESS